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  The Montana Sampler
Only $54.00
On SALE for only $35.00

  Magic wand made from Juniper
Only $35.00
On SALE for only $25.00

  Hand carved "Bristlecone pine" from near Cedar Breaks National Park
Only $35.00
On SALE for only $25.00

  The Bubo Scandiacus
Only $35.00
On SALE for only $25.00
Wand bag included
  The Tyto Alba Wand
Only $35.00
On SALE for only $25.00
Velvet wand bag included!

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Custom Wands Made To Order

Custom made in only a few days!

One of a kind!

You can have a wand custom made to fit the owner. All I need is the age, first name ( male or female) and birth month of the owner and I will carve a custom wand for them and include a hand sewn cloth bag .You will get step by step photos of your wand throughout its transformation into your personal wand. Your wand will have an owl that powers it and it will have its own name. You can pick any charm or crystal to go on the wand.( subject to availability) You just name the charm on the message board (such as picture one charm three. )You will also receive a pocket watch and an Owlery Wand Shoppe card.

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