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  The Montana Sampler
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  Magic wand made from Juniper
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  Hand carved "Bristlecone pine" from near Cedar Breaks National Park
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  The Bubo Scandiacus
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  The Tyto Alba Wand
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Velvet wand bag included!

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Cabin in the Little Belts

The scent of The Little Belts!


This soap was inspired by my friends Rick and Linda, who have a wonderful cabin in the Little Belt mountains near Monarch, MT. I crafted this soap with a Lodgepole Pine scent mixed with Juniper Berries,Sage Leaf,and Aspen. The water comes from Belt Creek and the color is a mottled dark green and brown. This is a great soap for any cabin owner or lover of outdoor smells. I hope Rick and Linda think I hit the scent just right.

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