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  The Montana Sampler
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  Hand carved "Bristlecone pine" from near Cedar Breaks National Park
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  The Bubo Scandiacus
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  The Tyto Alba Wand
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Berries and Twigs

The berries are in!


It seems that a berry exfolliated soap is all the rage these days and I came up with a mixed berry soap that I also added Alder wood ground into an exfollient. Berries include Huckleberry,Current,Chokecherry,Oregon Grape ,Flathead Cherry,(yeah I know it's not a berry)and Raspberry.The soap color is soft brown and purple swirls. I also added the dehydrated fruits of each of the berries and the smell is very berry but not overwhelming. The Alder adds a woodsy undertone that all you berry lovers will love. The water for this soap comes from The Blackfoot River.

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