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  The Montana Sampler
Only $54.00
On SALE for only $35.00

  The Strix Nebulosa Wand
Only $35.00
On SALE for only $25.00

  The Bubo Scandiacus
Only $35.00
On SALE for only $25.00
Wand bag included
  The Tyto Alba Wand
Only $35.00
On SALE for only $25.00
Velvet wand bag included!
  The Bubo Virginias
Only $35.00
On SALE for only $25.00
Magic wands
  Custom Wands Made To Order
Only $35.00
On SALE for only $25.00
Custom made in only a few days!
  Montana Sunset
Only $3.50

  Walk-In-The-Woods Soap
Only $3.50

  Montana Winter Soap
Only $3.50
Made with snow from Glacier Park!
  Montana Sagebrush Soap
Only $3.50

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  Quan.   Description Price
1.   "A River Runs Thru It"
Wild mint leaves and mint essential oil, you will smile as soon as you smell this soap.
Item No. 00130
2.   "Miss Canada" Lilac Soap
The aroma of "Miss Canada" lilacs will bring the fresh smell of spring to your bathroom.
Item No. 00200
3.   Bees Knees Lip Balm
Ingredients you can pronounce!
Item No. 541-17624795
4.   Berries and Twigs
The berries are in!
Item No. 042608
5.   Cabin in the Little Belts
The scent of the Little Belt Mountains!
Item No. 103-109479801
6.   Chokecherry Soap
This is a three-time, blue ribbon winner at the Lewistown, MT, chokecherry festival.
Item No. 00030
7.   Electric City Lemon Soap
It has a bright mango-lemon color with a scent that is shocking!!!
Item No. 00050
8.   Flathead Cherry Soap
What a fun soap this one is!
Item No. 372-11019793
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