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  Walk-In-The-Woods Soap
Only $3.50

  Montana Winter Soap
Only $3.50
Made with snow from Glacier Park!
  Contintal Divide
Only $3.50
The Divide Rocks!
  National Park Sampler
Only $50.00
On SALE for only $35.00

  Seeley Lake Sandelwood
Only $3.50

  Montana Sunset
Only $3.50

  Wand made to a specific owner
Only $30.00
On SALE for only $20.00

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We hope that you will try something
really exciting and different in the soap world.
Our soaps are made with
"Native Montana Waters"
and that makes them a little more interesting
than your average soap.
We collect water from all over the state
and use it to
create our line of soaps.
Does that make them better?
Well no,
but isn't it exciting
that when you shower or wash
that your are sharing a part of Montana
and what an interesting gift idea!
So cruise through our list of soaps and see
if they appeal to you

Give us a try,
You won't be disappointed!

The all-natural ingredients and exciting scents and aromas of our unique, handcrafted, homemade soap will help you look and feel happy and healthy.

Cold processed and made with olive oil, all of our soaps are handmade, castille soaps. This makes for a long-lasting, high quality soap. They are PH balanced, and contain all-natural ingredients including: lye (sodium hydroxide), essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, spices, berries, and flowers depending on the type of soap. Coconut oil is added to produce a thick, luxurious lather.

Retaining all of its natural moisturizing glycerin for softer, more comfortable skin, each 3.5 ounce bar of soap represents the finest quality at the lowest price. So, whether you choose to pamper yourself, or give a unique gift of healthy skin, go ahead and, "Put some excitement in your shower!"


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